Shape your Career with Big Data BizViz

BizViz is a unique product company that gives businesses a 360 degree view of their data in a seamless manner. We create products for our clients by utilizing our platform and incorporating their unique Business Flows, giving them ingrained analytics (Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive). We have already developed education, e-commerce, and analytics platforms for our clients. We are a self-made, non-funded company and have acquired many customers within our first year.

Current Openings

At BDB, we hire really great people. The kind of people that let their passion and work speak for itself. And we think that says a lot about us.

Eligible Candidates can apply at

BDB aims at Hiring "Smart and Dedicated Individuals"

We want team players who will collaborate with colleagues to maximize their output. In a product team, overall output matters more than individual brilliance. Negative thinking employees have a harmful impact on their teams and organization. We are looking for aligned individuals who want to work on a product and want to solve ‘Hard Problems’. We want people who want to dig deep rather than just covering shallow shores. In a nutshell, we want Open Minds who have the passion for innovation, performance, quality, and clean design and who can work as part of a team.

Life @ BDB

BizViz’s goal is to create ‘best of the breed’ engineers who are responsible and create innovative solutions. If you are looking for a short-term career, BizViz is a poor paymaster.If you stay with the organization for 5+ years, a career at BizViz will prove to be very rewarding (through our stock option plan and profit/cum bonus sharing). BizViz believes in partnership and growing together. We cherish freedom and responsibility

People come to BDB for the quality of work and with intense passion, the teams work.