BDB Data Preparation

BDB Data Preparation to create Powerful Stories

Data Prepration Empowers Data-Driven Decisions

BDB Data Preparation empowers data-driven Business users with powerful capabilities to extract, transform and merge new data sources without IT Support,thus providing competitive advantage over organizations that insist on centralized ETL alone.

Every business Generates a lot of data in different formats residing in different databases.BDB Self Service Data Preparation possibly denies the myth ensuring that combining data sources was limited to Data consultant because of its complexity and time consumption.

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More Data Sources

Self-service data preparation simplifies integration and preparation of data, thereby allowing the business users to connect and work with new types of data sources arriving at new insights.

Reduced Time to Business Insight

Rather than waiting for months for IT, self-service data preparation tools reduces the time it takes for business users to get analytic-ready data faster, and generate valuable insights


Self-service data preparation expands the analytical use, thus making the end users comparatively more self-sufficient, at the same time integration and preparation of data analysis on the fly. The Business users are now able to make data-driven decision making.

Knowledge Transfer

Business users and analysts can certainly enrich their own insights, as well as of their colleagues.

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