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4th Oct 2017

Length: 62 mins

Big Data BizViz is a Data Analytics Platform which caters end to end Analytics. A modern, business-user centric platform, suited for mode to delivery. It is nonlinear and exploratory, centering on agility and speed, bringing Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, and Social Media together in a seamless manner. Explore more further details.

3rd June 2016

Length: 12.17 mins

Big Data BizViz Introduction

25th Sep 2015

Length: 24 mins

Please join us for an introduction to BizViz. We will have a brief over-view of what makes BizViz a unique and powerful analytics tool. We will walk you through the platform and some of its plugins.

5th Oct 2015

Length: 16.32 mins

Businesses goes smarter with BizViz’s Advanced Analytics.

29th Oct 2015

Length: 30 mins

As competitive and financial pressures rise, the energy industry is looking toward big data and new analytics tools and techniques to address their most pressing issues.

19th Nov 2015

Length: 29 mins

Storytelling is very powerful and when is gets combined with advanced analytics tools like BizViz Business story you can provide even better insight into your data.

24th Nov 2015

Length: 34 mins

By using advanced analytics, organizations can more effectively manage and improve their performance. Advanced HR analytics can help an organization improve its profitability through more effective workforce cost control, balancing the lowest effective headcount, and employee churn analysis while ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

27th Jan 2016

Length: 34 mins

BizViz’s Online Test Management System (OTMS) is the most preferred platform for education institutions & company’s etc… for creating, scheduling, and managing tests and can be given to their employees, customers, or students.

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