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Sports inflated with innovation with Advanced Analytics

Sports Analytics is expected to cross 4.7b$ by 2022. Sports being the most integral part of our daily life, is just not restricted to watching but also analysing it to deeper aspects.

In Digital World Sports Analytics Comprises of many aspects beyond our imagination. This may include Player Analytics – Past Performance, Current Form, Predictive performance on Past, Current, Physical Condition and many other dimensions,

Operational Analytics – Clubs, Operational Bodies, Boards – P&L, Financial, Sales of Tickets, Branding, Merchandizing, ROI on players etc.

Coaching Decisions – Competitive Analytics, Past Performances, Venue Analytics, Real time Decisions, Prescriptive Analytics on different opposition etc.

Digital Experience – Ad Hoc Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Sentiment Analytics, Demographic Analytics, Big Data Analytics for TV Programs, Commentary etc. Fan Insights and Engagement – Self Service Analytics to Fans, Analytics based Gaming, Real time analytics to help fans engaged on betting or discussions etc.

How Sports Analytics has been changed in Big Data & IOT era –

Digital Revolution, IOT and Big Data are solely responsible for making Sports Analytics grow 40 times in a year. Social media, Cloud and mobility have added spice to Sports Analytics. Real time Sentiments are read from Twitter, Facebook or other Sporting websites. Demographic Analysis is possible to differentiate between geographical emotions Machine Learning, Real Time data feeds (IOT), Advanced Predictive Algorithms, Fitness Tests of Players etc. help Top End Analytics firms to create a different level of Data Analytics Sports that has started using Extensive Analytics.

At present this is happening at National Level, League level or in sports having lot of money. Slowly Analytics is moving at Club Level, regional level and other sports. Fans can also access real time data feeds, Gaming through Analytics etc. It goes deeper in almost all sports like - Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, American Football, Basketball, Cricket.

Player Predictive Analytics

Player predictive analytics helps players to improve overall game performance in different situations. It covers past performances, Overall Venue related details, Current Form, Players effectiveness on live performance, player strength and weakness, Biometric data. This help to find right player for the game (Selection analysis), and even Awards Ranking through predictive analysis of player’s performance

Operational Analytics

Operation Analytics makes Analytics simple for fans to use to increase their interest in the game. It cover factors like Front office On & Off the field to set a perfect game plan, Retain Fans, Add new Fans towards the Game or Franchise. Help with better Revenues, Pricing Model and Use different predictive analytics to come with a Pricing on different market segments, Sponsor’s Returns – Sponsors gives money to Sport & how to maximize their ROI? Prescriptive Analytics to Sponsors. Merchandising and Managing Fans Emotional Connect – Give discounts to loyal fans etc. Engage fans on Gaming, Merchandizing etc.,

Enhancing Digital Experience

Big Data Analytics makes this special – Game is on and the event of personal telecasts can contribute to the fans showing sentiments from twitter | Facebook | Club or League Website etc. Sporting team can directly engage with their fans through their Leagues website. Fans sentiment can be gauged before, during the match and after the match Social Media is on fire with engaging and creative player stats. Platform should provide with an ability of comparison with Fantasy drafts which adds to personal experience Adding graphic based analysis helps in better commentary

Fans Insight and Engagement – The Key to Success

Building a loyal Fan base is extremely important and now it is quite easy to know where & who your fan is. Teams can really analyze and take logical steps to increase their fan base, read and Analytics Fans Sentiments from Twitter | Facebook | Club or League Website etc. More personalized content can be created for a Fan using Data Analytics Fans can be given access to deep dive in Analytics by themselves and asked to participate in Games or to create their own fantasy teams and track their performance Match Insights ignites the conversations, discussions between Fans. More Engaged fans means more business opportunities – Merchandizing etc. Mobile updates to Fans engage them further

Why BDB for Sports Analytics ?

 Vertical & Horizontal Scalability
Vertical & Horizontal Scalability

Ability to add features and no of users dynamically

capture Data
Ability to capture Data from different Databases

Structured and Unstructured

Data Security
Data Security

Fans, Clubs etc.

Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics

Sentiment Analytics (ability to read data from Social Media)

manage high loads
Ability to manage high loads (during Match time) and reduced loads (during non sporting days)
Predictive Analytics Tool
Predictive Analytics Tool

Strong Data Scientist team with sports expertise

Ad Hoc Analysis
Ad Hoc Analysis capabilities for everyone & Cloud based access, Analytics on Mobile
Advanced Analytics
Strong UI and Visualization tools to give Advanced Analytics
Polls and Surveys
Ability to take Polls and Surveys and Feedbacks from Fans on a real time basis
Fan page
Create Fan page and engage everyone

Distributed deployment

Real Time Analytics
Real Time Analytics & Messaging Services

Case Study for Cricket World 2015

Out of 47 matches we were Spot On in predicting 42 matches correctly! We created a platform which covered features like - Match Sentiments, Players of the Day, Popular Match Analytics, Predictive Analytics– Predict the Winning Team dashboard, Push analytics – over by over prediction